Our Commitment to Patients

Protecting the interest of patients and their families
Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center is committed to deliver quality service and ensuring the best outcomes for our patients. We aim to serve you, our patients and your families by providing quality health care built on values of compassion, respect, integrity and expertise as your healthcare provider, our medical professionals endeavour to treat your medical condition and safeguard your well-being regardless of your age, race, language, religion, or social status.

Care and Respect
1. At CGHMC, you shall be treated with dignity and in a humane and safe environment. Your personal safety includes being free from physical restraints or seclusion, unless required as part of your overall medical treatment. Appropriate protection will be accorded to the disabled, elderly and those with special needs.

2. We respect your personal values, religious and ethnic belief; and need for privacy. You may express your religious and/ or ethnic practices so long as they do not cause4 disharmony or conflict. If you require support in this area, please inform your nurse in the ward who can arrange for a visit by a religious counselor.

Confidentiality and Privacy
When you are a patient at CGHMC, we keep records of your visit. We are bound by law and professional ethics to keep your medic al records, including Electronic Medical Records, and all aspects of care rendered to you strictly confidential.
This information will only be shared by those involved in providing care for you.
This information may also be shared with other staff in the hospital administration for the purpose olf hospital operations, e.g. Monitoring of the services rendered by our staff to you.

  CGHMC is a hospital that provides training to future generations of healthcare professionals. We are in the process of organizing our participation global medical researches, also a major centre for medical research in this region. Thus, there may be a need to view a medical record for medical research and training, as authorized by law or the hospital. However, those who view your records are under legal obligation not to disclose them to anyone.